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Puzzle Box Gift Card Holder

This handmade gift card holder is a great way to make a special gift for someone else and show them your hidden passion! The puzzle box fabric is very sturdy and the box is bigger then many other boxes we have. It makes a great addition to any room or home, and is perfect for those who love to play games!

Gift Card holder puzzle box

Cheap Puzzle Box Gift Card Holder

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Best Puzzle Box Gift Card Holder

This is a perplexing gift card holder for cash and tickets in the lottery. It comes with a 5 step puzzle gift card. You can use it to cash in on your favorite lottery games or to purchase tickets to a special event. It's a handy tool for anyone looking for a quick and easy solution to the mystery in their presents. this marvelously unique puzzle box perfects gift card holders for the world of lottery and puzzleboxes. Biz items. A great gift for any occasion, this holder has auri-able to hold a single purchase or multiple gift cards. It's the perfect way to increase your gift card holder count and give the gift of spending power. this is a unique and unique gift card holder maze puzzle brain teaser gift for your friends and loved ones. When they are through with their puzzles, they will love this as a fun gift. this is an interchangeable piece of jewelry that can be used to hold your puzzle gift card. It is a 2 piece design with a plastic plate in the middle that sits at the top left corner of your puzzle. This hold the card opener and tickets to your gift. It is an ideal gift for anyone who needs to take care of the money for a gift, or anyone who knows you!