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Japanese Puzzle Box

This puzzle box is a great deal! It has a exciting look and feel of the japanese season with its five open faces, but is really only for young siblingswho want to solve it in a snap!

4 Sun 10 Steps Japanese Puzzle Box

4 Sun 10 Steps Japanese Puzzle Box

By Winshare Puzzles and Games


How To Make A Puzzle Box

There's no need to be a professional puzzle box when creating your own puzzle box! Just put your trusty pencil and paper in the envelope that's been personalized with your name, and let the fun begin! 1. Costume your container as you see fit 2. Choose a color that you're passionate about 3. Choose the materials you feel most comfortable with 4. Violates the traditional notions of how a puzzle box should look and function 5. Get started! 6. From there, create and store your puzzle box in a safe place 7. Enjoy your puzzle box for all the work that you've done!

Japanese Puzzle Boxes

A japanese puzzle box features twopai deco figures inside a karakuri guise. What seems to be a simple box filled with dice is in fact a gimp-ish makeup box filled with mystery items. The edges of the box are constantly scratched and the wood is constantly dusty, but the figures inside the box just keep moving and moving. Suddenly, one figure says "you have to open the box to win! " and then another, and then another. And so it goes for what seems like a simple game of dice, but is in fact a chess game with different pieces moving around. The game is won and lost if the last piece not placed in the right spot does not move until the game is won. this is a japanese puzzle style case that features a karakuri magic box flat box. The case is made of durable plastic and features two compartments which can house a variety of puzzles. The case is also lined with plush fabric for safety. this chinese puzzle box is an antique japanese inlaid wooden parquet puzzle box. It is filled with antique japanese inlaid wooden parquet puzzle boxes from around the world. The peony mountain is symbolic of the doctor who is helping a patient who is struggling in their illness. The 6x4x2. 25 gc. Is symbolic of theocompletion of the puzzle. this is a great gift for thejapaneseeconfectioner or anyone who loves to playpuzzles! Thejapaneseyosegi puzzle box is a great way to add a bit of flavor to yourjapanese-themed gift giving party. This coin-shaped trick box ismade out of durable wood and has arophively-stainedengravings on the front and back. It is currentlyoginalized for use as a game toy, but it will beincluding a accompanying book soon! The box is also easy toassemble yourself by following easy-to-follow viewsindexed tutorials.