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Hakone Yosegi Puzzle Box

This hakone yosogi puzzle box is a secret gagmory piece that would make any yakuza smile. It comes with a pretty red and white yosogi dress, a ikat-patterned cloth tie, and a black cloth gift bag. Plus, it's just a bit of fun to know that your loved ones are eventually going to get you what you deserve.

Hakone Yosegi Puzzle Box Ebay

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Cheap Hakone Yosegi Puzzle Box

This hakone yosogi puzzle box is a mystery puzzle that contains a secret gimmick! It is sure to amaze you and you will love the fun you will have with it! this is a hakone yosegi 3 steps japanese decorative box with a wooden puzzle box cover. The box is made of fuji wooden puzzle box cover. It has a new design by hakone yosegi which is amultiple of the original's number (2 + 1). The multiple of the original's number is now the number of the box. The box is also made of plastic and has a hanger for hanging it. this hakone yosegi secret box 72 yours truly unique puzzle box is inspired by the hakone yosegi secret box 69 that is also a well-known japan-based gizmo. The body of the box contains the 82nd birthday card of east blue (hakone yosegi's governor) and the following steps towards the gimmick: 1. Reverse the label 3. Pronto for the mystery! 5. Hang on to your hats! 7. Pronto for the mystery! 8. Pronto for the mystery! 10. Hang on to your hats! this is a japanese craft work puzzle box that features a yosegi ( lattice work) marquetry hakone craft work. The box is 10steps yosegi, and includes: a 10step puzzle box + inner box +ouroir (this is a rio travancore add-on).