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Bits And Pieces Puzzle Box

This amazing puzzle box is perfect for the eco-conscious shopper! It is made of sturdy paper and plastic, and features more than 750 pieces of adorable, new-looking pieces. Whether you're looking to buy or gift, this box is sure to add someadenities to your already delicious collection.

Bits And Pieces Puzzle Box Ebay

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Best Bits And Pieces Puzzle Box

This is a great for the youngest of children who want to be able to cordon off a certain area in their house while they're in there, or who just want to be able to do something. this little box is a great way to fill a gap in your house, or to simply keep your children busy. this is a 1000 piece puzzle with a finish of blue. The puzzle is sealed in a new, open box. Every piece is a different color and there is a different name for each piece. The puzzle is in excellent condition with no flaws. For a complete description and pictures of the previous buyers of this puzzle, please see the notes below the puzzle. this 300 piece jigsaw puzzle is perfect for adults 18 - 24. They can use the pieces to create a new story or to solve a previous puzzle. We recommend puzzleboxes. Biz purchase. This is a great puzzle for young minds! It offers a detailed mosaic wooden money brainteaser kids! These puzzle box's will help your children to learn about the unique design process ofiddle and pieces, and how to properly care for their money.